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What fees are attached to my retirement and investment account?

There are a number of fees related to pensions and investments.

  • There is an Administrative Fee charged by BF&M for the ongoing administration of your account, which includes processing of contributions, fund transfers, investment gains and losses, along with all of the reporting requirements and customer service associated with your account.
  • There is an Investment Advisory Fee charged by BF&M for the ongoing monitoring and due diligence surrounding the performance of your fund options. Each investment fund that you hold in your account also has its own fee, which is charged by the fund managers and is included in the overall performance of your funds.
BF&M provides a full fee disclosure with your annual member statements and it is also included in the Document section through your online pension web portal


There are no set-up fees associated with the Educational Savings Plan, Individual Savings Plan, or the BF&M Flex Account Retirement Plan.

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