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Health Insurance

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Health coverage you can rely on

Comprehensive, worldwide wellness protection and a wide variety of options offered by BF&M health coverage makes facing health problems that much easier when difficult situations arise. We don't think you should ever have to face them on your own.


Health products and benefits include:

  • A wide variety of medical and dental product features for individuals
  • Tailored wellness programmes
  • 100% coverage for generic prescription drugs
  • Direct deposit reimbursement for added convenience
  • 24/7 web based claim tracking
  • 24-hour access to Overseas Health Care Helpline
  • Access to Medical Remote Second Opinions 
    and FAQ sheet
  • Access to Mental Health Medical Remote Second Opinion
  • Access to LiveWell, our comprehensive holistic health and wellness programme

Individual Health coverage

At BF&M, our Individual Health Insurance plan provides coverage with a wide variety of options for preventative care, vision care, dental care, prescribed medications, and so much more.

Health coverage for temporary visitors

Access a comprehensive range of local health benefits from Bermuda’s leading insurer, crafted for the needs of the temporary visitor.



Take charge of your health with BF&M's LiveWell programme.

LiveWell is a comprehensive, holistic health and wellness programme designed to help individuals better understand and manage their personal health and improve their quality of life.

Through LiveWell, you will have access to a variety of tools and resources, including:

  • Our individualised Wellbeing Activity Hub and dashboards
  • Engaging corporate wellness challenges
  • Healthy Habits programmes focused on nutrition, stress management and physical activity
  • Individual Wellness Assessments followed by individualised feedback and recommendations
  • Healthy lifestyle and chronic disease management programmes and events
  • LiveWell Rewards Programme

If your health insurance is with BF&M, you have access to LiveWell. Click here to login.

Health Matters newsletters

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Health portal user guide

Instruction on how to access the system and view your Health claims history.

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Claims reimbursement directly into your account

Electronic funds transfers (EFT) are the quickest way to receive reimbursement paid directly into your local Bermuda dollar account.

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Looking to submit a health or dental claim?

You can complete and submit your claims directly on our website, click here to get started. Need assistance? Read our guide on how to make a claim.


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