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How can I customise my policy to my needs?

Whether you are a contractor or a property owner undertaking renovations, BF&M offers two types of Contractors' All Risks insurance policies to suit a variety of project types.

An annual policy provides coverage for all contracts undertaken within a 12 month period, subject to a chosen maximum contract value. This removes the need to contact us every time you begin a new contract. The premium is based upon the estimated annual value of contracts at the start of the policy year and is adjusted when the actual figures are declared at the year end. For special contracts valued in excess of the chosen maximum, you can contact us to extend the policy.

A specific policy will cover one particular contract for the project’s duration, including the 12-month maintenance period. The premium charged is based upon the estimated contract price at the start of the policy. This policy can be extended should the work not be completed by the policy expiration date.

For both types of policies, there is an option to include contractors' equipment, the transport of goods to the site, the original structure while it is in the contractor’s control, and liability to third parties.

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