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Healthcare Provider Professional Services

BF&M MESA Provider Inquiry:

To view Health Insurance information such as real-time patient eligibility, schedules of benefits, and claim adjudication results, please use the following link to access the BF&M Mesa Provider Inquiry website.
If your Bermuda based provider facility is interested in creating an account please contact solutions@bfm.bm.



BF&M Provider Portal for Health and Dental Professionals:

To access the BF&M Health and Dental Provider Portal for the purpose of electronic claims submission**, please use the following link. 


**Electronic Claims Submission – BF&M currently supports the ANSI 837 transactional standard for Health Claims; batch files can be uploaded via the Provider Portal or FTP secure Gateway. In addition, Providers can also use the Provider Portal to enter a single claim. This is a good option for small practices that may not have an office management software solution in place. If your local Bermuda based facility is interested in submitting EDI claims transmissions please contact solutions@bfm.bm.

Pharmacy Claim Upload:

For our Pharmacy partners, please use the following link to submit a Pharmacy Claim upload request.



Overseas Medical Providers:

Prior to making appointments or arrangements for travel outside of Bermuda for medical treatment, please contact our overseas case management team.

Active Care Management
USA/Canada: +1-877-236-2338
Bermuda: +1-888-674-1367

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