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hurricane preparedness

Having a plan is the most important first step.

Hurricanes can be frightening. There’s a lot you can’t control but with some planning and preparation, you can arm yourself and your family against the unpredictability of hurricane season.


Up-to-date hurricane predictions for Bermuda

For current weather information, tune in to the Government Emergency Broadcast
Station on FM 100.1 mHz, or visit the Bermuda Weather Service online.

Extended forecast for Bermuda

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Active tropical systems in the Atlantic Basin

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Threat. Watch. Warning.
Do you know the difference?

Image Hurricane
Image Hurricane
Image Hurricane
A tropical storm or hurricane is designated a threat when it is forecast to come within 100 nautical miles of Bermuda in the next 72 hours. Once a hurricane watch is issued this means that the threat of hurricane conditions to Bermuda is 48 hours away. When hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours or less a hurricane warning will be issued for Bermuda.

How to prepare for hurricane season

Insurance tips for hurricane season

Storm damage causes the highest volume and cost of insurance claims in Bermuda. If you do have to make a claim, here are some tips to help you get the most from your home insurance.

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Are you at risk of underinsurance?

At the beginning of hurricane season, the most important thing to do is to make sure you review your “sums insured” while you still have time to adjust it. Not having enough coverage could mean you’re at risk of being underinsured, which could put you at significant risk of financial hardship in the even of a claim.

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Be prepared with our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

After the storm, BF&M is here for you too.

Inspect your property

After a storm has passed and Emergency Services have declared it safe to go outside, assess any damage to your property.

Note the damages

If you notice damage, take pictures, then take action to try to prevent any further damage (for example, use a tarpaulin to keep water out).

Count on BF&M

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