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preventative healthcare

Preventative healthcare matters.

There are two components to preventative care—the services provided by health professionals, and the initiative you take yourself to manage your own wellness. When combined, both components exist in an effort to prevent and detect disease or medical issues.


Types of preventative care services supported by BF&M


Physical exams

Lab tests


Mental health


Take care of yourself. With BF&M, you can.

We offer a robust set of benefits for both our Individual and Group Health customers.
A complete listing of the coverage can be found in our annual Schedule of Benefits and is dependent
on the plan selected by yourself and/or your employer.

For Individual Health (Smart Care) - Click here to view your 2023 Schedule of Benefits

For Individual Health (Core Health) - Click here to view your 2023 Schedule of Benefits

For Group Health (Global Series) - Click here to view your 2023 Schedule of Benefits

We are constantly seeking to improve our benefits. During 2020, BF&M expanded our WorldCare Second Opinion service to include a new mental health product, which enables virtual access to professionals who can diagnose, recommend treatment, and answer your questions, all from the comfort of your home and at no additional cost to you.

What’s the difference between preventative and diagnostic screenings?

Preventative screenings are completed when you are symptom-free and are scheduled based upon your age and health history. Diagnostic screenings are completed to detect health issues in response to symptoms being present.

Talk to your healthcare professional about what’s best for you.

Managing your health is a partnership between you and your healthcare professional. Together, you can determine the most appropriate screening schedule and immunisations based on your age and medical history.


Cancer causes 1 in 3 of all deaths in Bermuda, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates a 67% increase in cancer deaths in the next two decades.

Here in Bermuda, we face a triple burden of an aging population, a transition to lifestyle-related diseases, and infection-related cancers. Cancer is set to rise as a health and economic burden because of increasing population risks (particularly obesity) and increasing costs of treatment. All parts of our society, from policymakers and healthcare providers, to the general public need to be aware of this and plan accordingly. Nearly 50% of cancers are linked to lifestyle choices, your choices make a difference.

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre Dr. Chris Fosker
Medical Director and Radiation Oncologist at the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre


Preventative measures you can take to LiveWell

Healthy diet

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Exercise regularly

At least 30 minutes of exercise, five times a week.

Quit smoking

Every cigarette damages your health.

Reduce alcohol

Every drink increases your risk for cancer.

Get screened

Visit your doctor for regular check-ups and screenings.



Included with your Individual or Group Health insurance, BF&M helps our customers take charge of their health with our LiveWell programme.

LiveWell is a comprehensive, holistic health and wellness programme designed to help individuals better understand and manage their personal health and improve their quality of life. It provides consultative services to employers regarding the customised design, development, and implementation of wellness initiatives and services within their company.

Tools and resources include:

  • Access to our individualised Wellbeing Activity Hub and dashboards
  • Engaging corporate wellness challenges
  • Weekly team challenges
  • Healthy Habits programmes focused on nutrition, stress management and physical activity
  • Employee Wellness Assessments followed by individualised feedback and recommendations
  • Healthy lifestyle and chronic disease management programmes and events
  • LiveWell Rewards Programme

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Health Factsheets

Access helpful information on a range of topics, conditions and preventative measures.

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Events calendar

A list of events for the upcoming month.

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Eat Right for Life

Join our six-session virtual programme to improve your health through wise nutritional choices.

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Wellness Bulletins

From our partners at the Wellness Council of America.

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Health Matters newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, filled with hints and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.

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