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Investing and Retirement

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Retire your way–you've earned it

You’ve put in the hours, now you deserve to enjoy life on your terms. That’s why at BF&M, we offer retirement plans and investment choices that help you to live your best life.


Let our retirement and investment plans work for you.

Individual Flex Account

BF&M's Flex Retirement Account is a prescribed retirement product approved by the Pension Commission in Bermuda. Instead of having to move your locked-in pension funds from employer plan to employer plan as you transition to different companies throughout your working career, the Flex Account allows you to consolidate your funds into one account, in your own name, with a choice of investment options that may differ from those that your employer plan might offer.

Individual Savings Plan

Retirement isn’t your only financial goal. BF&M can help you reach other financial milestones over the short, intermediate and long term with our Individual Savings Plan.


Invest with confidence based on your risk appetite.

BF&M has a suite of investment options to choose from, including:

Risk-based profiles

Our Risk-based profiles offer a single, balanced solution for you to diversify your investments and tailor your portfolio to a particular risk level. This option provides the opportunity to have a well-diversified mix of stocks and bonds which align with the risk level you’re comfortable with, ranging from conservative to aggressive.

Target Date funds

Our Target Date funds offer a dynamically changing investment portfolio that gradually shifts investment risk to become more conservative as your target date approaches. You simply select a target date fund closest to the year you aim to retire and the fund automatically adjusts over time, to less stocks and more bonds, reducing your risk as you get closer to retirement.


Our self-directed option allows you to invest on your own terms and choose your investment allocation from a wide range of asset classes. With this approach, you retain control to decide where you choose to invest, providing you with greater flexibility in managing your money.

Want to gauge your risk comfort? Take our investment risk strategy quiz.

At BF&M, we make managing your investments easy.

Viewing your Pension information

BF&M's Pension portal allows you to access your pension information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Follow our Online Guide to get started.

Online guide

Making contributions

It’s easy to transfer funds for your investment plans or accounts. Click the link below for direct debit and wire payment instructions.

Contribution instructions

Pension fund performance and newsletters

To view Pension find performance and market update newsletters, click the link below.

Fund performance and newsletters

What are your income options upon reaching retirement age?

When the time comes to retire, BF&M offers choice of retirement income solutions, bringing you flexibility to select the option best suited to your needs. And with BF&M, our financial strength means you can count on us to be your trusted partner, supporting you over the long term.
Unsure of how much money you need to retire? Our retirement planning tools can help

Small Pensions withdrawals

If you are 65 or older and have no more than $50,000 in your pension account, you can apply for a Small Pensions withdrawal-whether or not you are retired.

Application form

25% lump sum refund

If you are 65 or older, you may apply for a 25% lump sum refund of your current balance. You must have a defined contribution pension plan or local retirement product. Applications for these funds are make directly through the Pension Commission.

Contact Pension Commission


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