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How long does it take for my health claims submission to be processed?

The BF&M Claims Department has committed to meeting turnaround times of 10 days for domestic personal reimbursements, overseas personal reimbursements, and overseas e-claims. We have also committed to a 15-day turnaround time for domestic providers who are still largely paper-based. BF&M routinely processes complete electronically submitted health and pharmacy claim types within 5 working days.

The time taken to receive your claim payment after processing varies, depending on whether you are being reimbursed via cheque, electronic funds transfer or bank transfer. To speed up the process, sign up to have your payment deposited directly into a Bermuda-based bank account. Simply complete and submit your electronic funds transfer form directly on our website.

BF&M has a legislated mandate to pay valid claims within 30 days of the notice of receipt of the claim.

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