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LiveWell Resources


LiveWell Calendar 2019 - Clients
2019 Health Promotions

LiveWell Challenge Resources     

Summer Fun - Relax and Unwind
Summer Fun - Bermuda's Beaches
Summer Fun - Foods
Summer Fun - Watersports in Bermuda
LiveWell Step Conversion Chart


Kurbo Webinar : "How to Eat Healthy on a Budget"
Kurbo Information Flyer
Kurbo FAQs - our mobile/online health and weight management programme
Register yourself and your family with Kurbo

Bermuda Walking Maps  

Dockyard Walking 2K
Hamilton Walking 4.17K
Hamilton Walking Map 2.4.5K
Harrington Sound Walking Map 12K
Southshore walking map 1.5K
St. David's Walking Map4.5K

Community Events 

BF&M Breast Cancer Walk
Cancer Talks: Reduce your risk
World Physiotherapy Day
Olympic Day 2019
You Go Girl! - Fun Run/Walk
Moving Sisters: A Pre-Mother's Day Happy Hour Experience​
Cancer Talk - Melanoma
Public Health Week Colorectal Cancer Talk and Panel Discussion​
Women in Sport - Banquet and Expo
Active Lunch and Learn - Jump Rope
2019 PALS 3, 5 & 10K Run/Walk
February Heart Health calendar of Events
2019 Butterfield & Vallis  5K Fun Run/Walk​
Cervical Cancer Talk

LiveWell - Eat Right 

Eat Right for Life
Meal Planning 101
Plant-Based Cooking

Health And Wellness Information

2014 STEPS Survey Fact Sheets   

Overweight and Obesity
Physical Activity
Dietary Salt
Fruits, Vegetables and Sugary Drinks
Alcohol Use
Tobacco Use
STEPS to a Well Bermuda 2014
Blood Glucose and Diabetes
NCDs and NCD Related Health Care

Health Fact Sheet   

BE FAST - Recognising a Stroke
6 Ways Helping Others Helps You Top 8 Grab n’Go Veggies
Top 10 Health benefits of Veggies
Stair Climbing Facts and Health Benefits
Keep Cold and Flu Away
SunSmart UV Index
Dispelling Myths About Skin Cancer
The Gift that Keeps on Living (Bermuda Organ Donor Association)
Understanding Your Blood Pressure Results
Heart Healthy Foods Shopping List
HPV Infection Fact Sheet

Bermuda Parenting Magazine Articles     

Premier's Youth Fitness program
The Value Of Caring for YOU
Summer Splash - 3 Beach and Pool Tips
Tips for Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
8 Tips for Packing Lunches With a Punch
8 Benefits of Family Mealtimes
10 Tips to Get Your Family Moving
Will You Outlive Your Child?