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we advise that you secure your property and take all necessary precautions.
We encourage all boat owners to check on their vessels.
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How can I customise my policy to my business needs?

BF&M's business travel insurance is separated into four sections which can be purchased as a whole or individually, allowing your to customise your plan as needed.

  • Personal accident
    • Covers accidental death and permanent injury as a result of an accident happening while you are on the trip
    • Weekly disablement benefit for adults who are temporarily unable to work
    • Exclusions: scuba diving, snow skiing, and other similar high-risk activities
  • Medical and emergency expenses
    • Covers any incidentals that are not covered by the traveller’s regular medical insurance (such as prescriptions)
    • Emergency expenses could include the additional cost of transportation and accommodation incurred as a result of death of or injury to the insured person, or anyone travelling with them
  • Cancellation and curtailment
    • Covers lost deposits and non-refundable fees for transportation and accommodation if the trip is cancelled or cut short because of:
      • Death, injury, illness, or quarantine of the insured person
      • Death, injury, illness of a close family member, a travelling companion, or a business associate
      • Jury duty or military duty
      • Hijacking of the plane
  • Personal property
    • Covers loss, theft or damage to personal effects worn, taken, sent, registered, or as luggage in advance or acquired (subject to $1,000 limit for any one article)
    • Covers loss of cash, travelers cheques, letters of credit, or travel tickets (limited to $150 any one person)

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