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Preparing to travel

For many of Bermudians, travel is an essential part of life. Whether it’s a quick hop over to New York City for the weekend, a month-long cruise, or you visiting your child at their college overseas, BF&M has a travel insurance option to suit your needs.

What does a BF&M Travel Insurance Policy cover?

Our Travel Policy offers four categories of cover: Personal Property, Emergency Medical Expenses, Cancellation Cover and Personal Accident.

Whether it's a delay, damage, or disappearance, most of us have experienced a mishap with luggage while travelling. The Personal Property section of the Policy will take care of such incidents. If your baggage is delayed more than 24 hours, you have coverage in place to go and purchase the essentials you need to continue your vacation. If your baggage is damaged, lost or stolen, the policy will give you the funds needed to replace your belongings.

Cancellation Cover protects the investments you have made in order to take your vacation. Everything from plane tickets to ground transport to tour bookings to cruises – they all add up to significant expense, and this is not always refundable if you have to cancel due to illness. A BF&M Travel Insurance Policy can protect you from this risk and ensure reimbursement for these non-refundable items, not only if you get sick, but also if a close family member gets sick and prevents you from taking your vacation.

Although vacations are a time for fun and relaxation, insurance exists to cover worst case scenarios. Personal Accident coverage can protect you and your family if you are accidentally injured or tragedy occurs. The Emergency Medical Expenses coverage can take care of bills and other costs if you are in need of treatment whilst off the island. This coverage is limited, but can help out those that do not have Major Medical coverage with their health insurance provider.

Who needs travel insurance?

Anyone who is taking a trip can benefit from travel insurance. For a short shopping trip to New York City, you may just want to protect your Personal Property. (Don’t forget to add some coverage for those items you will be bringing back with you!) If you take a month-long cruise, it may be wise to think about the Cancellation option, as a lot of the fees paid will not be refundable if you have to cancel.

Our Student Travel Policy can be taken out by a parent to protect their child who is away at college overseas. This policy can take care of tickets purchased for the child to return home during the holidays if they have to be cancelled due to sickness. It also covers damage or theft of all of their personal belongings in their dorm room or apartment.

How do I know what type of Policy I should purchase?

Whatever your travel style, BF&M has flexible and customisable Travel Insurance options to meet your needs. If you travel many times a year, you may want to consider our Frequent Traveller package. This policy runs for a year, and covers you for all of your trips overseas without having to call us each time you leave the island. If you only travel occasionally, you can choose our Short Term Travel package that is specifically for one trip only. For students overseas, we have the Annual Student Travel package.

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