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Moving to Bermuda? Here's what you should know

We're so glad you decided to join us in Bermuda! Moving to a new country is exciting, but can also sometimes feel overwhelming - there's so much to plan and so much to learn about your new home.

Whether you've come to Bermuda for a couple years for a job or are planning to make the Island your forever home, we've compiled a list of some of the most important things to know about getting settled and your new life set up on our beautiful Island.

  • High winds and hurricanes are a fact of life in Bermuda. Making sure you have a comprehensive home and contents insurance policy is vital. BF&M's Home Insurance covers hurricane damage to your property and possessions, but there are some exclusions around windstorm damage. Make sure you clearly understand what your policy does and doesn't cover. Also, check out our how-to guide to get tips on hurricane-proofing your home to help keep your premiums down.
  • To drive your car in Bermuda, your car must be licensed and insured. BF&M will send your motor insurance certificate to the Transportation Control Department on you behalf so it can get licensed.
  • Being an expat means traveling to see your friends and loved ones at home. While travel insurance may seem like an added expense, it can provide peace of mind and help save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in a variety of situations. BF&M Travel Insurance provides four options that let you choose the coverage that's right for you and your trip or get smart travel tips from our experts.
  • Like cars, all motorbikes must be insured to be legally driven in Bermuda. Unlike cars, bikes pass an annual safety inspection conducted by the Bermuda Emissions Control Ltd. Information on setting up a motorbike inspection can be found here.

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