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Group Health Insurance

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Your partner in health

Offering a wide variety of options for group health insurance, our plans give employees the freedom of choice, while controlling costs for your business. And if you’re looking for a more customised option, we also partner with companies to develop employee-based wellness programmes tailored to their specific needs. It’s all about giving you the right tools to look after your team.


Important information about Coronavirus and COVID-19

Click here for information from BF&M on travel and health coverage as it relates to Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19).

Latest information from the Government of Bermuda is available here www.gov.bm/coronavirus



Group Health options:

Global Health series

Extend your group benefits beyond the borders of Bermuda with our Global Series Health plan.

Group Health benefits

At BF&M, our group health insurance plans give employees freedom of choice while controlling costs. We also work with companies to develop employee-based wellness programmes tailored to their needs.


We help you motivate employees with badges and rewards from local health and wellness vendors, earned by participating in programmes and activities to improve health and wellness.


LiveWell by BF&M


Empower your employees to take charge of their health with BF&M's LiveWell programme.

LiveWell is a comprehensive, holistic health and wellness programme designed to help individuals better understand and manage their personal health and improve their quality of life. It provides consultative services to employers regarding the customised design, development, and implementation of wellness initiatives and services within their company.

Employers receive a variety of tools and resources for their employees, including:

  • Access to our individualised Wellbeing Activity Hub and dashboards
  • Engaging corporate wellness challenges
  • Weekly team challenges
  • Healthy Habits programmes focused on nutrition, stress management and physical activity
  • Employee Wellness Assessments followed by individualised feedback and recommendations
  • Healthy lifestyle and chronic disease management programmes and events
  • LiveWell Rewards Programme

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