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There are many travel insurance products on the market today so we would encourage you to be cautious when you find a package that looks like a real bargain. For instance, we know of one package that, on the surface is appealing, however when you read the "what's covered" section, you will find cover is only offered when you are on the plane/train/bus/taxi. Our policy provides 24 hour cover while you are on vacation.

This information is intended to be a summary of the policy cover. For complete details of the policy cover, terms and conditions, please refer to the policy document.

Travel coverage is split into four sections - feel free to explore each section to get yourself up to date with BF&M's travel policies.

As a traveller, you can purchase any of the sections separately or the four together. Personal Accident Section

Accidental death and permanent injury as a result of an accident happening whilst you are on the trip.
Weekly Disablement benefit for adults who are temporarily unable to work.

Not Covered:
Anyone over 75 years of age and anyone under 5 years of age are not covered for this benefit.
For an insured person under 16 and older than 5, the benefit is restricted to $3,000 death benefit and $50 per week for the Temporary Disablement benefit

Helpful Hints for Personal Accident cover:
The Personal Accident section (death, permanent injury, temporary total disablement) excludes scuba diving, snow skiing and the like. If anyone thinks they may participate in these sports, you can extend the policy for a small additional premium
If there is a traveller who is over 75 and wants the Personal Accident cover, you will need to contact BF&M to obtain special acceptance. We may require certain evidence of medical health (a letter from a recognised doctor for example) before we will accept the proposal.

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Medical and Emergency Expenses Section

Any incidentals that are not covered by the traveller’s regular medical insurance, such as prescriptions.
Emergency expenses could include additional cost of transportation and accommodation incurred as a result of death of or injury to the insured person or anyone travelling with them.

Not Covered:
Anyone over the age of 75
For children under 5, the first $50 of each and every claim

Helpful Hints for Medical and Emergency Expenses cover:

If the client has Major Medical Health insurance, the minimum of $250 is the suggested option. If not, we would suggest that this limit be increased to the $5000 maximum.

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The Cancellation Section

Many travel expenses are non-refundable so the unexpected cancellations or curtailment of your trip could be costly.

Lost deposits, non-refundable fees for transportation and accommodation if the trip is cancelled or cut short because of:
1. death, injury, illness of
a) a close family member
b) a travelling companion
c) a business associate
2. Jury Duty
3. Hijacking of the plane

Not Covered:
Flight delays/cancellation due to
a) weather e.g. hurricanes, snow storms
b) mechanical problems
c) missed connections

Helpful Hints for the Cancellation Section

Add a little extra to cover any unforeseen costs e.g. a hasty return home because of a family illness may involve an overnight hotel stay and taxi fares, which can be pricey. Also, changing the flight dates means airline penalties, which can quickly add up.

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The Personal Property Section

Loss or theft of and damage to clothing and personal effects that the travellers take with them, or buy along the way. It even includes personal effects that they mail back home, as long as they include them in the sum insured.

Helpful Hints for Personal Property cover:
Jewellery, watches and camera equipment should be covered under a Special Risks policy. The Travel Policy has certain exclusions, which make it to the customer’s disadvantage to insure them under this policy.
Any item over $1,000 in value (e.g. designer clothing, luggage, golf clubs, laptop computer) needs to be noted separately under the Specified Articles sub-section section on Baggage/Personal Property. Remember to include any items listed as a Specified Item in the total sum insured for Baggage/Personal Possessions.
Breakage of fragile articles in transit. If you buy crystal, china or other breakables, make sure that it's packed properly because the airlines deny liability for breakage and this policy doesn't cover it.
There is only $150 insurance for loss of money subject to an excess of $25 per loss, so credit cards and travellers cheques are the way to go.

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Claims Procedure Helpful Hints

Notify BF&M as soon as possible of any loss or any event that may give rise to a loss
Obtain Police reports if you lose any Personal Property. If the police are not available, report the loss to the relevant persons and keep a copy of that report.
Keep all receipts for any items that you have had to replace as a result of the loss of your personal property or medical condition.
If your credit card is stolen or lost, notify the issuing body as soon as possible as there may be a requirement under the terms of use of that card.

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