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Can BF&M help if I need a second opinion on a medical diagnosis or suggested treatment plan?

Included in your health benefits is access to both the WorldCare Medical Second Opinion (MSO) and the WorldCare Mental Health MSO services. WorldCare provides independent second medical opinions from teams of leading physicians at top U.S. hospitals. Your WorldCare Second Opinion comes to you and your physician in just days without having to leave Bermuda!

It’s a simple 3-step process: 

Step 1: Call WorldCare at 1-877-676-6439 to authorise a second medical opinion. WorldCare takes it from here. 

Step 2: WorldCare works with your physician to gather medical records and send them to the medical institution best suited to address the condition. 

Step 3: The specialist team reviews the records and provides an independent second opinion to you and your doctor. WorldCare can coordinate a call between the lead specialist and your doctor, to discuss the case and help make an informed healthcare decision.

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