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Community engagement

Building stronger communities, together

Giving back has always been a keystone of BF&M group of companies culture. We care immensely about the well-being and success of the communities in which we operate. As a longstanding, established organization, we believe in protecting our history, building our legacy and future. And as a leading health insurance provider, we understand the importance of a healthy, thriving community, so we dedicate both time and resources to drives, initiatives and charities focused on improving health and wellness.

Community Engagement Collage

Every year, we give to around 150 charities that align with our pillars of giving.

We are proud of our many longstanding partnerships with charities and organisations, while recognizing that new requests for support come in frequently.  We allocate our sponsorship and charitable giving budget carefully, giving each request great consideration and trying to balance our existing commitments with new ones.
Our corporate engagement vision? To build stronger communities through giving that will impact as broad a cross-section of our population as possible, achieving long-term, positive impact.
BF&M Pillars of Giving

Interested in applying for a donation?

We strive to support charities, initiatives and projects that impact the wellbeing and development of our community—in other words, to causes impacting a broader group rather than individual endeavours. Before applying, please review the information presented on this page to see if your application will be a fit with the BF&M Group's pillars of giving and corporate engagement vision, described above. Applications should be submitted via email to [email protected].



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