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BF&M's LiveWell Program is a comprehensive, holistic health and wellness program designed to help individuals better understand and manage their personal health, thereby improving their well-being and quality of life. It is offered to health clients to assist them in lifestyle and chronic disease management activities that will increase their healthy habits, actively involve them in managing and improving their health and well-being, and ultimately reduce their health care costs.

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  • Access paid claims information for policy holders & dependents 24/7
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 LiveWell Program  
  • Consultative services provided to employers regarding the customized design, development and implementation of wellness initiatives and services within their company
  • Offering employers a variety of tools and resources for their employees to empower them to take charge of their health, including:
    • An Individualized Wellbeing Activity Hub
    • Engaging corporate wellness challenges
    • Bonus Challenges
    • Healthy Habits programs
    • Wellness Assessment (HRA)
    • Healthy Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Management programs and events
    • LiveWell Rewards Program
    • More Info...
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