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Introduction to BF&M Life

BF&M Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of BF&M Ltd. Our group's capital and surplus is in excess of $79 million and our return on equity was 13.42% at 31.12.04.

The BF&M Life Act of 1995 provides for full and complete segregation of pension funds from all other assets of the Company and therefore provides protection from all other creditors of the Company. This Act goes beyond the protection given by the Insurance Act of 1978.

BF&M Life provides all of the employee benefit needs of companies, whether they are large or small in terms of staff.

We are the market leaders in group and individual health Plans and provide innovative and competitive Disability, Life and Pension products for companies and individuals. Our focus is on you, the client, and meeting and exceeding your needs.

We play a significant role in all of the above areas. The Company employs approximately 36 staff. Our management group are holders of the professional designation of Fellow, Life Management Institute and several others have further specialized in Pension Planning and hold designations in Financial Planning. We also employ our own in-house pension actuarial expertise to assist with our clients' pension needs.

Our health claims department employs nurses to assist with the management of our clients' medical needs. And we are supported by overseas medical case managers who assist our clients while abroad and undergoing medical care.

BF&M belongs to one of the largest overseas Preferred Provider organizations and as a result our health clients have access to over 2,000 hospitals in North America.


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