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5 ways to stay hurricane ready

Hurricanes are a fact of life in Bermuda. And hurricane season can be an intimidating time. But with a little preparation, you can be ready to handle whatever hurricane season brings your way.

1. Develop a family plan and practice it to ensure it works

Decide on your home's safe room. Establish escape routes from your home and a place to meet. Don't forget to include your pets in your evacuation plan.

2. Prepare an emergency kit
A well stocked emergency kit should include a battery-operated radio, flashlights, extra batteries, a first aid kit and any necessary medications, candles and matches, an ice chest, and a sterno or propane powered cooking unit.

3. Stock up on food and water
Have a three-day supply of drinking water and non-perishable food ready. Fill your bathtub and clean buckets with water.

4. Charge up
Make sure all your mobile devices are fully charged and that you have a hard copy of all emergency and important phone numbers.

5. Protect your property
Board up windows. Clear yard of loose objects. Move your vehicle, bike and/or boat to a secure location well before winds start.

Download BF&M's full hurricane preparedness plan to help you plan every aspect of your pre-, during-, and post-storm hurricane safety.

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